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He must be stopped.

No Tom Cruise!
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A community for those who are annoyed practically to death by Tom Cruise and his horrendous over-acting, psychotic laughter, judging of others, not to mention his smarmy yes-I-KNOW-I'm-dreamy smile. OOOOH, We hate him!

With nearly two decades of Anti-Cruise experience, your moderators heroine68 and villalobos108 welcome you.

I don't understand all those "blah blah blah...is love" things all over people's user info pages. Most of the time the phrase doesn't even make any sense.

Tom Cruise is fucking bat-shit crazy love

But I figured we should have one anyway. All the other kids do it.

26 year-old chicks, advanced technology, assaulting oprah, bad acting, bad movies, badmouthing psychiatry, beards, being rich, being unconvincingly in love, botching scenes, claiming to be 5'9", exposing frauds, fake marriages, fake smiles, fighting matt lauer, frivolous lawsuits, giving tom cruise meds, hating tom cruise, hydrogen bombs, jumping on couches, katie holmes, loyal officers, nicole kidman, ot3, over-acting, penelope cruz, pneumonia, pretending to be straight, proposing after 6 weeks, r6, refusing to admit gayness, ritalin, running in every movie, scientology, secret boyfriends, smarminess, teegeeack, thetans, tom cruise, too white teeth, volcanoes, xenu